It gets even more interesting...  Tracy's district (District 86) is Union and part of Marion county.  There is no way a Republican is going to lose based on demographics alone!  In 2018, Tracy had an opponent in the Republican primary.  In 2020, Tracy did not have an opponent in the Republican primary.  Then there are the two general elections which were easy wins...  What justifies all of Tracy's expenditures? Her website is basic, she would have won three out of four elections without lifting a finger, yet she has all of these expenditures?   


Look at her largest expenditures.  

$56,000.00 Ohio Republican PAC ENTITY
$30,543.10 Jpl & Associates LLC ENTITY
$11,000.00 Ohio Republican State Central & Executive Committee State Candidate Fund ENTITY
$10,500.00 Constant Content Co ENTITY
$6,895.92 Pcs Marketing Group LLC ENTITY
$5,000.00 DJ Swearingen ENTITY
$4,730.00 Strategic Media Placement Inc ENTITY
$4,454.00 Iheart Media ENTITY
$4,163.08 Tracy Richardson INDIVIDUAL
$3,815.00 High Bridge Consulting LLC ENTITY
$3,000.00 Brett Hillyer ENTITY
$1,699.57 Marysville Newspaper ENTITY
$1,499.58 The Richwood Banking Company ENTITY
I would love to see Tracy's itemized receipts to Jpl & Associates LLC (red).  Same goes for the $10,500.00 Constant Content Co. (purple)?  How many marketing groups and consulting companies does Tracy need for demographics that she will win anyway?  How many web hosting companies does she need?  As a comparison, web hosting for this site is $60 a year.  If our politicians are spending campaign finance dollars this poorly, imagine what they are doing with our tax dollars! 
  • Special interest donations need to be ILLEGAL!  Donations should come from individuals only!
  • Expenditures need to be ITEMIZED!  We need to know what our politicians are spending money on.
If you want to contribute to my campaign, please tell your friends to browse this site (! 

Campaign Finances

For the last year, I have been attending political events, talking to politicians, and paying attention to every little detail...  What I have found is the talent that you and I find at our workplaces... does not exist in government.  There are a few politicians that have good intentions but most are actors...  And we wonder why we have so much corruption in government...  Campaign finances have made me SICK to my stomach.  They are absolutely disgusting!  I search the reports via Transparency USA.  Transparency USA extracts data from the Ohio Secretary of State database.  

I recommend EVERYONE study their elected officials campaign finance reports.  Click on the link below to see Representative Tracy Richardson’s campaign finance reports.  She is the current representative for District 86 (Union County and part of Marion County).





Donation Breakdown

How are politicians influenced by donations?  Do politicians represent the people or political action committees (PAC's) and special interest groups?  Here is a list of Tracy's biggest donors.  

$55,050.00 Political Education Patterns Political Arm of the Iuoe ENTITY
$35,843.78 Ohio Republican PAC ENTITY
$18,700.00 Affiliated Construction Trades Ohio Foundation PCE ENTITY
$12,700.00 Affiliated Construction Trades Ohio Foundation PAC ENTITY
$10,000.00 Firstenergy PAC Fsl ENTITY
$9,500.00 Ohio State Association of Plumbers and Pipefitters PCE ENTITY
$8,344.61 Larry Householder ENTITY
$7,750.00 Ohio Contractors PAC ENTITY
$7,500.00 Cynthia and Wayne M Boich INDIVIDUAL
$6,500.00 Ohio Laborers District Council PAC ENTITY

Tracy's campaign finances are light weight compared to other politicians.  However, they are still bad.  How is the political Educations Patterns Political Arm of the luoe influencing Tracy (red)?  How is the Affiliated Construction Trades Ohio Foundation PCE & PAC influencing Tracy (purple)?  Prior to voting on HB6 Tracy recieved money associated with Larry Householder and First Energy.  I wonder how that money (grey) influenced Tracy's YES vote...  Read HB6...  Anyone with an ounce of common sense would not vote for this bill..



It gets more interesting...  Tracy (and most of the politicians associated with HB6) have donations ($795.10 for Tracy) and expenditures ($30,543.10 for Tracy) to a political consulting firm called Jpl & Associates.  It seems very odd to me that you can take donations and spend money with the same company.  

Jpl & Associates has no published pricing and no published services.  I was curious, and decided to contact Jpl & Associates via their website so I filled out the contact form on 2/20/2022 asking for pricing on their services...  I haven't received a response...  Curious. 



This article links Jpl & Associates with Larry Householder and First Energy.