Why did I start looking into Ohio voter fraud?

During the "pandemic" the Ohio Assembly (representatives and senators) did absolutely NOTHING to help small businesses, prevent mask mandates (public or private), and prevent vaccine mandates.  On top of that, Ohio has a SUPER REPUBLICAN MAJORITY!  How does a SUPER majority get absolutely nothing done?

I contacted my State Senator's office (Bill Reineke) multiple times.  The phone was never answered nor were my calls returned.

I contacted my State Representative's office (Tracy Richardson).  I stated multiple times to her assistant that the Ohio Assembly needs to prioritize and pass legislation so our children were not forced to wear masks at school and employees were not forced to wear masks at work.  Finally, after months of calling her, commenting on her Facebook, I got an appointment at her office.  She has not been helpful on any issues nor is she transparent on her true policy beliefs.  

I started to wonder...  How did these people get elected?  I randomly headed to the Union County Board of Election website where I stumbled upon the summary results for the 2020 General Election...  Tracy Richardson and Bill Reineke had significantly more votes and undervotes than President Trump...

I started texting a lot of my conservative friends in Union County and asked...  Do you know who Tracy Richardson is...?  NO.  Do you know who Bill Reineke is...?  NO.

I found it hard to believe that Representative Tracy Richardson and Senator Bill Reineke received more votes than Donald J, Trump (the greatest President of all time) and Jim Jordan (the most popular Congressman in the state and arguably the country)... with significantly more undervotes and such little name recognition.


Union County 2020 Election Summary Results:

Total Voters: 33,535

President Trump: 21,669
Presidential Undervotes: 164  

Jim Jordan: 21,978
Congressional Undervotes: 860

Bill Reineke: 22,313
State Senator Undervotes: 1408

Tracy Richardson: 23,225
State Representative Undervotes: 1070


Election Integrity - Introduction

I believe the November 3, 2020 presidential election, will go down in history as the biggest scam in American History.  President Trump was running away with the election and all of a sudden four states (WI, GA, MI, PA) stopped counting votes at exactly the same time...?  And then resumed counting in the middle of the night?

There were statistical anomalies everywhere!  Every presidential candidate in history who won Florida, Iowa, and Ohio all won the election (except President Trump in 2020)...  Every presidential candidate in history who won the Bellwether counties won the election (except for President Trump in 2020)...  President Trump won 18 out of 19 Bellwether counties.

The election was STOLEN from President Trump!  

For awhile, I thought Ohio was safe and secure... then I started noticing anomaly... after anomaly... and "Republicans" not wanting to do a DAMN thing!



Ballot Images - There are two machines in Ohio.  The first machine is the machine where you cast your ballot.  The first machine prints out your selections and you place it in the second machine which adds up everyones votes.  A ballot image exists on the second machine which is essentially a scanned copy of all of the ballots.

Undervote - An undervote is when a voter does not cast a vote on a particular ticket.  For example, if I didn’t want to vote for President Trump or Joe Biden, I would leave that portion of the ballot blank.  That would count as an undervote.



Where do we go from here?

As a State Representative I will push election integrity legislation!

1.  There will be ELECTION DAY, not election month.  There are way too many problems that can occur in a month.

2.  A State issued Photo ID or Passport will be required to vote!  No electric bills!  No gas bills!  etc!

3.  Ballot images will be a public record request.  I will try to get rid of voting machines altogether.  

4.  Physical ballots will be a public record request. 

5.  Absentee envelopes will be a public record request.

6.  There will be NO ballot drop boxes!

7.  County election board members will be ELECTED officials!  Not appointed by the party central committees!  Did you know they are paid?  There is nothing more important than election integrity!  

8.  The 100ft rule at polling locations is outdated!  There will be NO campaigning at polling locations (signs, slate cards, etc)!  If you don’t know who you are voting for prior to arriving, then you probably shouldn’t be voting!

Board of Elections Conversations

At this point, I had the strategy put together on how I would validate Union County.  I’ve looked at election data from other counties (Franklin, Hamilton, Lucas, etc) and have found anomalies as well.  I thought Union is a Republican county so it would be working with allies.  We could apply our findings from Union to Franklin, and other counties who have significantly more anomalies.  

Oh, was I wrong!  The first discussion I had with the Union County Board Director, I explained the science fair project I wanted to perform...  The response I received,  "Well sir,.. you just don't understand... People just didn't vote for the presidential ticket..."  For which I responded, "Ma,am, your data doesn't match that statement.  The presidential undervote was the lowest by far out of any of the other races."

It continued to go downhill, I requested the ballot images... I couldn't get them.  They don't have to keep the ballot images by law... Only the physical ballots...  So I requested the physical ballots be scanned and the file be given to me... I even offered to pay...  I couldn't get them.

From there, I began asking more questions, and became more disappointed every step of the way.  The Board of Elections Director, the a member of the board, the Secretary of State's office (Frank LaRose), and my State Representative (Tracy Richardson) did not lift a finger.  Tracy said, "Aren't you going to scare Republican voters?"...  No Tracy...  Republican voters want transparent and fair elections.

I went to an event where Frank LaRose spoke on January 20, 2022.  I asked him what it would take to scan the ballots and give me the file.  Instead of answering the question directly, he beat around the bush, and spoke to the audits that Ohio performs and ignored the question altogether.  Frank has no interest in true election integrity.  

Ohio's audit is very similar to Arizona's Maricopa County.  Look at the details on "Standard Audit" which are the counties generic tests.  As someone who has programmed before, every single test objective is flawed.  For example, the test objective "Determine if installed software was U.S. EAC and AZ SOS certified", is meaningless.  Certified software can be hacked.  "Determine if any malicious malware or hardware was installed on the system or equipment"...  What tests were performed to determine malicious malware or hardware?  There is no detail!



Now read through the Cyber Ninjas scope of work.  There is much more detail on the specific tests that will be performed!




Types of Fraud

1.  Internet connectivity - Votes are flipped remotely.

2.  Algorithmic fraud -  Compromised software is installed on each voter machine and flips votes based on a percentage of voter turnout or other calculations.    

3.  Organic fraud - Mail in ballots are compromised.


What can I do?

At this point, I asked myself what can I do…  How do we figure out what is going on?  After much thought, it’s very simple, we go back to the basics and perform an elementary school science fair project using the scientific method!

Hypothesis: I do not believe that the state representative and state senator in Union County received more votes than Donald J. Trump and Jim Jordan.  I believe votes are being flipped by the voting machines being connected to the internet or algorithmic fraud exists.

Test: I request the Union County Board of Elections to scan the paper ballots that are printed from the first voting machine.  I request the Board of Elections also scan the absentee ballots.  To reduce cost and wasted time, I will request the Board of Elections to give me the scanned files.  I will count the 35,535 ballots at home.  Note: no names are present on any of the ballots.

Analyze Data: Upon analyzing the data, the data should match the voting machine count published on each precinct report and be within the percent error allowed by Ohio Law.  

Conclusion: Either Union County is performing fair and safe elections or there is fraud.

Additional Observations: Due to the high volume of absentee votes (58%), an additional check would be to look for discrepancies on absentee ballots.  For example, do all ballots have folds?  If they do not, does the count match the number of ballots that were adjudicated?