Job of a State Representative

Our state representatives have two jobs:

  1. Protect us from an overreaching federal government.  State level decisions are important!  Over the last two years, our state government could have overrode Governor DeWine and protected us from ALL Covid restrictions.  Instead, most of our state representatives failed us and did the bare minimum.    
  2. VOTE and inform their constituents of policy and WHY they voted a particular way.  Have you ever wondered why your political representatives voted a particular way?  It is impossible to find.  I asked Tracy Richardson why she doesn't write a small summary on why she voted yes or no on bills.  Her response disturbed me, "Do you know how long that would take?"  THAT IS A STATE REPRESENTATIVE'S JOB!

I will never forget this line from President Trump, "Demand the best from yourself and be totally unafraid to challenge entrenched interests and failed power structures".   Let's work together and fix Ohio!

Core Values

Faith in God - I believe everything happens for a reason.  Looking back in my life God gave me every tool needed to get through the next obstacle.  I didn't know it at the time.  After having kids and a perfect wife, I find it hard to believe that something so perfect and beautiful is by chance... 

Family - The letterboard that my wife put together sums up family, "The love of a family is life's greatest blessing".  We need to stop degrading the family unit.  Throughout history, civilization's success has been because of the family unit!  There are two things I would not trade for anything.  I was fortunate enough to have my mom as a stay at home mom...  The second is my kids have been fortunate enough to have my wife as a stay at home mom...  The love and nurturing they both have shown is irreplaceable.  

Freedom - The number one contrubutor to our freedoms being lost is our slave currency.  Our dollar needs to be real.  It needs to be backed!  Fixing our currency fixes almost all of the problems our country has!  I saw this meme "In 1964, the minimum wage was five 90% silver quarters.  In 2021 five 90% silver quarters have a melt value of $23.34.  We don't need minimum wage, we need sound money."  If we fix our currency, more families would be able to survive off one income and get the love and nurturing that my kids and I were fortunate enough to receive.  We need to fix our currency, gut bad bills, reduce and localize taxes, and give Ohioans their freedoms back... 

Honesty & Integrity -  Our political system has lost integrity.  There are many forms of integrity lost: election integrity, campaign finances, etc.  Politicians know they are doing wrong!  They have justified it ("oh that's what everyone does")...  We need to fix that! 

Accountability - Our government is TOO BIG.  We need a small and efficient government.  The bigger the government, the less accountable, and the more money laundered.  We need small accountable local governments!