Mike Bohland for State Representative (District 86)

Why am I running for State Representative?  Over the last two years the political corruption on both sides has been astounding.  Most of our SUPER REPUBLICAN MAJORITY did not lift a finger!  I am running to fix this system.  Twenty years from now I won't be able to look at my three beautiful kids and tell them I did nothing! 


Ohio Politicians failed to protect our basic liberties:

  • Children FORCED to wear masks at school...

  • Ohioans FORCED to get Covid-19 vaccines or lose their jobs...

  • Small businesses CRUSHED by unconstitutional lockdowns...


Ohio Politicians have done NOTHING to correct ongoing issues in our state:

  • Election Integrity is a PROBLEM in Ohio!

  • Schools are a DISASTER!  

  • Taxes and Government waste are OUT OF CONTROL!

  • Most bills are CRAP!


How can all these problems exist?  Our politicians are BOUGHT and PAID for by special interest groups!  The NUMBER ONE reason I am running is to lead by example and pass legislation to force ITEMIZED RECEIPTS on campaign finance reports!  The money laundering MUST STOP!

All of Union County, Part of Marion County (Prospect, Pleasant, & Marion Townships)
AUGUST 2, 2022 Special Election